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At Vivid Reflections Photography we specialize in photographing people as they are, capturing their spirit and essence in their photographs. Our goal is to portray the character, personality and style of our clients in a relaxed environment. We believe that a portrait session should be fun and enjoyable, not a dreadful trip to the portrait studio. That’s why we'll work to create memories and photos that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our style of photography embraces the moment by knowing how to instinctively frame within a second. A picture is only a snapshot, a moment in time, but it’s worth a thousand words. What do you want your photos to say about you?

Vivid Reflections Photography, Inc. was started as a pursuit of passion – a passion for taking photos of people in their natural state to capture who they really are. From a little glimpse of a smile, to laughter and anywhere in between, we look for the true beauty and expression in every person. There’s something to be said about a photo where you are just being yourself, and others close to you can see that being portrayed. Known for our creative and innovative style, we enjoy photographing people in diverse situations and backgrounds. At Vivid Reflections our never-ending goal is to make portraits of people that reveal their true character.


Photographer Marcy Pasquinelli


Member of Professional Photographers of America



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