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At Vivid Reflections Photography, we want to capture you for who you are!

Each picture tells a story of the person, from their glance and facial expression to the way they're dressed and the background setting.

We will work with you to create photos that say something about you and your family.


Please click on the following links or scroll down for more information on our packages and check out the gallery for samples of our work.

Family Portraits
Senior Portraits
Engagement Portraits
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We also offer additional services like retouching for minor blemishes and reducing fine lines, as well as artistic enhancements and photo collages.

Additional Services
General Information




Family Portraits

The creation fee for our services is $250, which includes $50 towards prints, a spiral bound proof book with all the photos as well as a website for you to share your photos online with others.  This includes between 20-30 different poses, depending on the size of the group.   With our family portraits you can purchase print packages or a la carte.  You can choose different poses for each of the prints (wallets in quantities of 4).  We will schedule a viewing and ordering appointment about a week after your session for you to view the photos as well.

Vivid Reflections Photography wants to capture you and your family in a style that suits your needs, without all the hassle of other studios. We will work with you and your family to capture photos that represent your personality and last a lifetime. We don’t want to set you up in a stiff pose with a cheesy smile for the sake of taking a picture. Taking professional pictures doesn’t need to be a pain – just fun! You can create your own pose or look for us to help you out, and there’s no limit on the number of poses or pictures.

You can take some pictures as a family, in smaller groups or solo poses if you’d like, it’s up to you! Plus, you can choose an outdoor setting you like – a local park, a beautiful rock setting such as Red Rocks, or a gorgeous flower backdrop at Washington Park! We can also recommend other great outdoor locations to get the natural setting that’s right for you and your family.

All packages include a spiral bound proof book with all the photos from your session, which is available approximately 1-2 weeks after your session. We use a large format digital camera to provide you photos that can be printed up to 30 x 40 in most cases. You can’t get that from an ordinary camera! Additional services can be added to any package.

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Senior Portraits

The creation fee for our services is $200, which includes a spiral bound proof book with all the photos and a website for you to share your photos online with others.  With the creation fee, you can purchase a print package or prints a la carte. Print packages range from $40-$120 depending on the prints included in each package.

We want to create photos that represent you and your personality. With Vivid Reflections Photography, you aren’t constrained to one pose or one outfit. We’ll take an unlimited number of pictures and poses, in color and black & white with each package. We don’t place limits on outfit changes either, so you can display the many aspects of your personality. If you’d like to include a friend, family member or pet in your pictures, that’s not a problem.

We’ll work with you to get the look you want in your pictures, in a beautiful outdoor setting. Bring your imagination and creativity into your pictures by using different props that reflect who you are! You aren’t limited to getting a specific number of prints in a package like other studios - we have different options to meet your needs and budget. Get a unique look and express your style in our one of a kind senior portraits!

All prints include retouching services to remove any blemishes. Additional services can be added to each package.

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Engagement Portraits

Congratulations on your engagement! The creation fee for our services is $200, which includes a sprial bound proof book with all your photos and a website for you to share your photos online with others.  Some of our wedding packages include engagement sessions as well. 

At Vivid Reflections Photography, we want to capture the love felt between two people in our photos. We’ll take an unlimited number of photos in a romantic setting of your choice. Take pictures at sunrise or sunset for a beautiful array of colors in the background of your photos, or over a bridge in a midst of trees for an intimate photo.

We’ll work with you to create a set of photos you both will enjoy, and will love to share with others. What better way to tell your family of your engagement than sending out a portrait reenacting how he proposed or a photo that really captures your love for one another.

We use a large format digital camera so photos can be printed up to 30 x 40 in most cases. We also offer artistic enhancements in our packages to make your engagement photos unique and timeless.

Additional services can be added to each package.

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Additional Services

  •  Artistic enhancements such as color painting on black & white photos, fun and creative borders, background changes, and timeless classic sepia toned photos: Select 5 photos for $50.  Select 10 photos for $85.

  •  Photo collages to combine your favorite photos into one! These are great to give to grandparents and other family members on special occasions. Select your photos, print size desired and include your family name and other words to create a unique masterpiece – we’ll do the rest.
    -  $20 for 5x7 (2-3 photos)
    -  $30 for 8x10 (5-6 photos)
    -  $55 for 16x 20 (10-12 photos)

  •  Print Prices:
    -  4x6: $12
    -  5x7: $14
    -  8x10: $20
    -  8x12: $26
    -  11x14: $30
    -  16x20: $50
    -  Set of 4 wallets: $10
    All prints are retouched prior to printing to soften lines, remove any blemishes and whiten teeth among other things prior to printing.  Images may be cropped to fit within print size ordered. 

  • High Resolution CD with photos in black & white and color from your portrait session: $500 per CD (or included with orders over $500)


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General Information

All portrait services are weather permitting.  If the weather isn't working in our favor, we'll reschedule the portrait session.  Please keep this in mind since weather in Colorado can change rather quickly!

There are no travel expenses charged if photo shoot location(s) are within 30 miles (one way) of our office.  For portrait sessions beyond this radius, a travel charge does apply of $0.60 per mile.

People often ask us what they should wear.  Wear something that you feel comfortable in, and if you'd like to change outfits during the session, no problem.  Families should try to wear colors that work well together or wear a similar color scheme.  Darker colors minimize body size, while lighter colors tend to emphasize the body.  Also, try to choose clothing that doesn't distract or take away from you in the picture - busy shirts, stripes, clothes that are too tight, etc. 

The best times to take outdoor pictures is early to mid-morning and mid-afternoon to early evening.  During the middle of the day, harsh shadows fall on the face and under the eyes - not the most flattering look.  We will try to schedule a time that works around your schedule, but keep these times of day in mind.  We have early evening and weekend appointments available as well. 

We request that if your child or anyone in your family is not feeling well before the portrait session that you call and reschedule.  We want to capture everyone in the best of light!

If you'd like a longer session time, or would like a customized portrait package, please contact us for more information.  We are also available for event photography, such as family reunions and corporate events, and sporting events, such as soccer and baseball games.

Once the session is completed, we will schedule an ordering presentation to go over the photos taken.  You will also select the images you'd like for prints, and the prints will be ready in approximately 5-10 business days.  All prints are retouched prior to printing.  Once a print order is submitted, we will not be able to change the images selected, so choose wisely.  Prints can be returned and reprinted only if the size or image selected is incorrect.  If you view the photos online and are unsure how they will turn out in a printed version, please schedule a consultation with us so you can view the photos on our calibrated monitor.

We're here to help make your portrait session as relaxed as possible.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.  Visit the Contact Us page for more details.



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